Jazz, Ballet, Singing, Drama, Penrith Dance School at Emu Plains NSW

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Ages 13 – 18 Years (teen)


The most important of all dance genres is BALLET – it is the foundation of excellence in dance technique which strengthens all other dance forms. In this class, our dancers build on their technical dance training through disciplined and positive learning experiences. YCD follows the Royal Academy Of Dance Syllabus (R.A.D) also providing opportunities for examinations -which we highly recommend for the best results & greater progress. The benefits of ballet training are varied, life long & definitely the most important for all dancers!


Jazz is one of our most popular classes – and with good reason! Our students learn strong jazz technique to popular/age appropriate music, combinations & progressions and sharp & dynamic choreography! Examples of techniques in jazz include pirouettes, turns, kicks, leaps & body isolations. A super fun class that compliments perfectly our dancers’ training in Ballet, Contemporary & Pom;


Our YCD tap students all learn the Glenn Wood Tap syllabus & we encourage all to do their exams as it is such a positive experience. Tap is an amazing class to teach rhythm, co-ordination & strong musicality with emphasis on solid tap technique Our tappers love getting LOUD in a structured class format. Our exceptional tap results year after year are a strong reflection of the excellence in Tap tuition offered at YCD!


Tap shoes not necessary, just a willingness to have some fun and be ready to learn! This class is great fun with focus on musicality, rhythms, tap games, combinations of skills & inclusion! All welcome – boys, girls, young, old, experienced and inexperienced – everyone will enjoy this class!


Dance Cirque is a Circus based program where your child can develop skills and learn new tricks while exercising! Dance Cirque classes include: Interactive Circuits, Lyra, Silks, Trapeze, Juggling, Hula Hoops and more! All our Dance Cirque classes have individual levels of difficulty that students move through at their own pace with our Progress Certificates. This is a super fun class everyone loves!


Our acrobatics program is recommended for ALL! Learn how to roll, cartwheel, walk over, back handspring & MORE! These classes are specifically levelled to ensure safe progression & flawless technique with mastery of skills & repetition, the key to progression! Private & semi private tumbling lessons are available which is a great option to fast track skill development!!


Built on strong classical ballet foundations, Contemporary is a beautiful & emotive form of dance with emphasis on dancing from the heart & with excellent technique;


Contortion class takes acrobatics to the next level! If you are super flexible this is a great class to extend your skill base and learn the art of contortioning!


Pom is a dynamic mix of strong Jazz dance technique, cheerleading arm motions & jumps, exciting formational and visual choreography – and of course – we use poms! This class is fast paced, energetic & a whole lot of fun! Pom is a competition class, so if you are interested in joining a team – let us know!!


Get your groove on & learn all the moves to current trending music! Popping, locking & isolations are just some of the techniques taught in this addictive class! Our hip hop classes are hugely popular and great fun!


An awesome combination of dramatic art & vocal training! Our students will extend their talents, imagination, vocal abilities, microphone technique & theatre knowledge – it’s the perfect class for dancers who want be a triple threat OR for anyone who loves to sing and act! Musical Theatre class is brilliant for BUILDING CONFIDENCE in your child too!


Want to improve your overall technique & flexibility? Then definitely enrol in a technique class! Content will focus on all the technical elements of dance… e.g.: Pirrouettes, Turns, leaps, flexibility, strength, developing turnout and MORE! Well worth enrolling in this class to see great results in your technical dance training.


This class is for ANYONE 11yrs plus keen to improve their strength, fitness and over all technique. Based on the incredible Progressing Ballet Technique syllabus – Get ready to have more than just FUN with the Fit ball!! This class is fabulously challenging.


Built on strong classical ballet foundations the Jason Winters Contemporary syllabus explores amazing movement & aims for technical dance excellence! This class is eligible to go for examination – must be 11yrs to participate in this class.


Got a budding singer on your hands, and want to give them more confidence & training to really shine? Book in a private sining lesson & learn all about correct vocal technique, how to use a microphone, perform with confidence, improve vocal range, pitch and so much MORE! Our private singing students all get the opportunity to compete & perform at events throughout the year too… so their confidence & performance experience.


This class is for those students keen to perform at community based events, be part of our performance teams and build strength as a performer. Our performance classes work hard on routines & dance technique, learn stage craft, performance quality and MORE! This is a great class for students who want a little more than recreational classes and LOVE to perform!


If you are interested in becoming a competitive YCD dancer as a soloist, duo or trio dancer… let us know!! Competitive students will get the opportunity to not only compete their own specially choreographed routines, but will also get to perform at community based events where possible. As these students work in lessons one on one, or in very small groups – their progress is fast tracked as they get much more individualised attention! Their confidence soars also by getting the opportunity to perform more than our recreational students. Well worth considering if your budget allows and your little star is keen to perform more regularly.


Any questions at all about classes at YCD – please do not hesitate in contacting us.

We understand there are lots of options, so if you would like to trial some classes before making a decision of what to enrol in – this is absolutely no problem at all! Just let us know E:



I would highly recommend YCD to any parent. My daughter joined this year & was welcomed by all from day 1. Amazing teamwork & comradeship shown from all students & such a big improvement in skills has been great for my girls confidence! As a parent I also don't feel like I'm just an ATM like some other studios we've been at over the years! Thanks YCD :)
I cannot recommend this school enough. The teachers & students treat each other like one big family - with each child's interest at heart. This is what makes this dance school stand out from others. We have been to previous dance schools before but YCD is definitely a step up from the rest. It's also much more affordable for families, which is an added bonus! XX
Wonderful family community. Excellent value for money. Very efficient & clear communication at all times. Approachable, warm, friendly & experienced teachers / staff. Totally recommend for a professional yet fun & loving family experience.
My daughter has been dancing at YCD for 4 years & absolutely loves it! All teachers are fantastic and she has learnt to dance beautifully. I can't recommend YCD enough, super professional and very friendly!
YCD isn't just a dance studio, it's a place children are made to feel comfortable and confident. YCD is extremely family oriented and embraces all who are there.
Very family friendly place. Very professional. They give kids confidence at what ever level they are at.
YCD is such a friendly and welcoming place. A highly professional studio.